Today, developing economies and economies in transition are facing many problems in collecting tax revenues.


The majority of developing countries and least developed countries own significant natural resources such as gold mines, oil fields, gas, wood, minerals, aluminium and copper mines. However, the exploitation of these natural resources by foreign multinational enterprises does not result in a significant increase of tax revenues for the developing country. By using sophisticated transfer pricing models, foreign multinational enterprises shift their earnings and profits from the developing country to their own countries or to tax havens. The lack of appropriate tax legislation, the lack of knowledge and know-how at the tax administrations of the developing countries and the lack of external independent advisors who do not have any conflict of interest are serious impediments for the economic growth of a developing country.


Dwarkasing & Partners supports governments and their tax administrations around the world -in particular developing countries- with technical assistance for their tax reform process and transfer pricing regulations.  Our experience covers a wide range of policy, legislative and administrative issues helping governments and tax administrations to comply with international standards in an effective and efficient way, realizing an optimal tax revenue and to prevent tax avoidance and tax evasion by (foreign) taxpayers and multinationals. At the same time we assist multinational enterprises in their efforts to implement sound, corporate and social responsible tax policies and we therefore contribute to a solid FDI.


Our government services include advising tax authorities in the draft process of tax treaties and domestic tax laws, bringing tax laws in line with the UN Model Tax Convention and/or the OECD Model Tax Convention, providing tailor-made tax research and reviewing existing domestic tax law and tax treaties in light of tax revenues. One of our specific services is capacity building: we provide courses and training, tailor-made to the needs of the staff of tax authorities.


The government services of Dwarkasing & Partners focus in particular on the implementation of international tax law and transfer pricing legislation in developing and emerging countries (LATAM / Caricom / Africa/ Asia).


Our government services include:


• Drafting Legislation and Adjusting legislation to international standards


• Providing high-end Research in the field of fiscal policy


• Advising tax authorities in the draft process of tax treaties and national tax laws, commentaries and regulations


• Bringing tax laws in line with the OECD and UN Model Tax Convention (if required or if necessary in light of Foreign Direct Investments)


• Providing tailor-made tax research, including historical analysis of tax laws and international concepts


•Providing in-house courses, tailor-made to the needs of the staff of the tax authorities and Ministery of Finance


• Capacity Building: providing specific training to tax authorities in developing and emerging economies


• Supporting Governments by serving as of counsel in tax law and economic cases and disputes.


If you have a question concerning our government consultancy services, please contact dr. Ramon Dwarkasing, phone +31-243772009 or email: management@dwarkasing.com

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